A New campaign launched for male victims and to raise awareness of sexual abuse against males

A new campaign has been launched to encourage male victims to come forward when they have experienced sexual abuse and rape.

In the past 12 months 141 offences of rape and sexual assault have been reported to Leicestershire Police, but research suggests this will be a significant underestimate on the true figure.

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Male Rape

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In his new book, “On Being Raped,” Raymond M. Douglas, a professor of history at Colgate University, writes publicly for the first time about male rape and being brutally beaten and raped at the age of 18 by a familiar parish priest. The assault, in his native country in Europe, transformed and shaped his life. More than 30 years later, the trauma of the four-hour-long assault continues to have repercussions, and Dr. Douglas argues persuasively that rape is an experience that one can never really relegate to one’s past. Rape, he says, “is always now.”

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