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Supporting male survivors of sexual abuse and rape, and their loved ones

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Victims No Longer: Men Recovering from Incest and Other Sexual Child Abuse

by Ellen Bass, Mike Lew

This book offers advice to men who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse. It aims to help them to identify and validate their childhood experiences; explore strategies of survival and healing; work through issues such as trust, intimacy and sexuality; establish a support network for continued personal recovery; and set goals for the future.

Beyond Betrayal: Taking Charge of Your Life After Boyhood Sexual Abuse

by Richard B. Gartner

“If you have been sexually abused, this book will give you information, hope, direction, and most importantly, the assurance that you are not alone. Dr. Gartner has written an accessible, compassionate book that clearly lays out the healing process for men who were hurt or abused as children. Whether you were abused by a mother, a camp counselor, a neighborhood boy, or a priest, Beyond Betrayal will give you the tools you need to reclaim your life and move on”.

Broken Boys/Mending Men: Recovery from Childhood Sexual Abuse

by Stephen D. Grubman-Black
Broken Boys/Mending Men awakens us to the realities of a grave situation: boys are the victims of sexual abuse. It is estimated that one in six males suffers some form of sexual abuse as a child or teenager. In most cases the victim knows and trusts the perpetrator – most often an adult or teenage male. Broken Boys/Mending Men provides a frank discussion of the issue, describing the consequences of male sexual abuse and the ways that victims can find help in healing the pain. Candid first-person accounts illustrate issues commonly faced by males trying to deal with their early victimisation – withdrawal, isolation, denial, the loss of security and self-esteem – and how society’s traditional view of masculinity acts as a barrier to their recovery.