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First Step Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland
Supporting male survivors of sexual abuse and rape (aged 13+), and their loved ones


If you work with a man or boy (aged 13+) who has disclosed experiences of sexual abuse or rape, please talk with them about our services and consider making a referral.

Historically, male victims of sexual abuse or rape often kept their experiences of abuse or rape a secret. Whilst there is still some stigma around these experiences, things are changing. As society recognises the prevalence of the abuse of males, more men are feeling confident enough to come forward and speak out.

If someone tells you that they have been abused or experienced sexual violence it is important that you treat them with empathy, compassion and respect. Disclosure can take incredible courage. It’s important that men who disclose feel heard, believed and can talk without fear of being judged.


How to refer someone

Having disclosed to someone and then be referred on again can often add to the stress so please use whatever method you think is most appropriate. Our priority is a smooth and swift referral which does not add any additional pressure to the client.

  • Download and complete our Referral Form
  • Call 0116 254 8535 or 07581 568 14
  • We also welcome self-referrals

Please remember to share the client’s name and contact number (with their consent) and tell us how they would like to be contacted.

Frequently Asked Questions