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First Step Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland
Supporting male survivors of sexual abuse and rape (aged 13+), and their loved ones


Information for clients who may have committed a sexual offence or are undergoing an investigation for an alleged sexual offence and would like to access First Step Services.

First Step provides Counselling, Emotional Support, Advocacy and other support to males and anyone who identifies as male, aged 13 years or over, within Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland who have experienced rape or sexual abuse of any kind, as children or as adults.

We acknowledge that the majority of male survivors do not go on to perpetrate sexual crimes, however, there are a small number who may. Where survivors of sexual abuse may also have committed sexual offences against children and/or adults, our position is that in most cases we are unable to ethically work with these clients who may hold ‘dual status’, as both survivors of sexual abuse and as perpetrators of sexual abuse, for the following reasons:

  • Our primary goal is to ensure that First Step is a safe place for men to recover and heal from their unwanted sexual experiences without fear of meeting their abuser or knowing that other clients that may have committed sexual offences are physically within their safe space.
  • There are no specialist counsellors within First Step who are trained to work therapeutically with clients who are survivors and who have also perpetrated sexual abuse.

 As part of a routine enquiry all clients will be asked sensitively within their counselling assessment whether they have any historic convictions for sexual offences or are currently under any investigations or court proceedings for alleged sexual offences. If during referral, assessment or whilst accessing support services it is ascertained that there may be a history of sexual offending, a pending allegation or current criminal investigation, a decision to offer or continue to offer a service will be made by the First Step Management, team taking into consideration the potential risk of harm the individual may pose to others.

Where we are unable to offer clients a service, we will ensure that all clients are treated with respect and compassion and that their support needs are discussed with them, which may include signposting them to a more specialist and suitable organisation such as The Lucy Faithful Foundation or STOPSO.

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation | Preventing Child Sex Abuse

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