No More

Joyful Heart’s groundbreaking, celebrity-driven NO MORE PSA campaign calls on society to end the silence and inaction around domestic violence and sexual assault. 

The NO MORE PSA campaign was spearheaded by the Joyful Heart Foundation. They are one of the many championing organisations behind the NO MORE movement, and was directed by actress and advocate Mariska Hargitay, the Joyful Heart’s Founder & President, in her directorial debut.

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Arnold Lodge

A £13.7Million refurbishment of a Mental Health Unit in Leicester, Arnold Lodge has now been completed. 

Arnold Lodge, run by the Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, has now been modernised and now has 3 purpose build wards. The hospital is a medium secure mental health unit.

The refurbishment has taken 7 years to complete. Arnold Lodge’s purpose built wards are for its male mental illness service. Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust also hope the new environment will attract registered mental health nurses to work at the facility.

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Paedophile Dad

A ‘dangerous and depraved’ paedophile deserved every day of his sentence, stated some top judges


Alan Peter Wormleighton, 61,  abused three young victims and was handed a severe jail term. Wormleighton, formerly of Narborough Road, Leicester was jailed for 22 years at the Leicester Crown Court on 20th November 2015.

The paedophile was also ordered to serve an extra 8 years on license when he is eventually released as the judge condemned him as a public danger. Alan Wormleighton was working as an engineer at Spire Hospital, when a colleague discovered he has been viewing indecent photographs of chilled on a work computer used by members of staff.

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Greville Janner

Leicestershire County Counsil Set Aside £2 Million for legal representation and to support the welfare of victims in the Greville Janner inquiry

The Leicestershire County Council has set aside £2 Million to cover the cost of the inquiry into Greville Janner’s alleged sexual abuse of boys in its care.

The council ran the children homes in the city and county, where the former Labour politician, Greville Janner,  allegedly met, groomer and then sexually abused the boys. They believe £2Million will cover the cost of the legal representation and the actual inquiry. The council have also said that the money will also be used to support the welfare of the alleged victims.

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Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse: Men Are Victims Too

When thinking about domestic abuse, which can include physical, emotional and sexual abuse, your thoughts may automatically conjure up an image of a female victim.

Yet men are also, frequently, victims of domestic abuse, be it from a female partner or a male one. The recent conviction and sentencing of Sharon Edwards for the murder of her husband has brought the issue to the forefront, with calls for increased awareness and better training for to professionals, to encourage men to report abuse and feel assured that they will be taken seriously.

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Indecent Images found on computer

Former Teacher Jailed for Indecent Images

A former teacher has been jailed for 2 years for possessing thousands of indecent images and pictures of children.

Michael Baker, 70, appeared at Leicester Crown Court on 6th June 2016 for sentencing after pleading guilty to the offences at an earlier hearing. The court heard that the images found included children as young as three years old. Baker was arrested on 16th April, 2014.

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The Paedophile Michael Stanton from Leicestershire has been sent to prison for 12 years for abusing a boy and girl.

A paedophile from Leicestershire who sexually abused a girl and a boy three decades ago has now been jailed for 12 years.

Michael Stanton, 69, committed the offences between 1977 and 1984. He committed a series of sex assaults upon a girl when she was aged between 6 and 8, and the boy was between 9 and 11.

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Male Rape

This interview, Talking About Male Rape, belongs to RONI CARYN RABIN and was taken from the Well blog on

In his new book, “On Being Raped,” Raymond M. Douglas, a professor of history at Colgate University, writes publicly for the first time about male rape and being brutally beaten and raped at the age of 18 by a familiar parish priest. The assault, in his native country in Europe, transformed and shaped his life. More than 30 years later, the trauma of the four-hour-long assault continues to have repercussions, and Dr. Douglas argues persuasively that rape is an experience that one can never really relegate to one’s past. Rape, he says, “is always now.”

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