Paedophile Dad

A paedophile dad pretended to be a girl to groom his own son online.

The paedophile dad was having sexual conversations online with his 13 year old son. The young boys father can not be named to protect the boys identity. His father made a profile of an attractive teenage girl and used the profile to stalk his son, who hasn’t had contact with him since the boy was 5 years old.

His father made conversations about sex and persuaded the young boy to touch himself intimately and send explicit photographs of himself. The paedophile was jailed for 10 years as Leicester Crown Court after admitting inciting a family member to commit a sexual act, as well as other sexual offences.

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Paedophile Dad

A ‘dangerous and depraved’ paedophile deserved every day of his sentence, stated some top judges


Alan Peter Wormleighton, 61,  abused three young victims and was handed a severe jail term. Wormleighton, formerly of Narborough Road, Leicester was jailed for 22 years at the Leicester Crown Court on 20th November 2015.

The paedophile was also ordered to serve an extra 8 years on license when he is eventually released as the judge condemned him as a public danger. Alan Wormleighton was working as an engineer at Spire Hospital, when a colleague discovered he has been viewing indecent photographs of chilled on a work computer used by members of staff.

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The Paedophile Michael Stanton from Leicestershire has been sent to prison for 12 years for abusing a boy and girl.

A paedophile from Leicestershire who sexually abused a girl and a boy three decades ago has now been jailed for 12 years.

Michael Stanton, 69, committed the offences between 1977 and 1984. He committed a series of sex assaults upon a girl when she was aged between 6 and 8, and the boy was between 9 and 11.

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