Male Survivor

Childhood Abuse: The Story of a Male Survivor was taken from and has been written by Dennis Randall.

I was sexually abused as a child and I have written a book about my experiences. One day over a cup of coffee, I told a friend. The words slipped out of my mouth before I had a chance to catch them. The secret, which I hid from myself for fifty years, was no longer hidden. As I broke down in tears, my friend became the first person to learn of my past.

The simple sharing of repressed memories unleashed a flood of emotions and images. It became almost overwhelming and to restore order to the chaos of recollection; I started a journal which evolved into a 44,000-word book, “Becoming a Man in the Shadowlands.”

The memory of my suffering remained within me for so long my silence grew into a prison. Childhood trauma casts a long shadow over the lives of the injured.

I am a survivor of the Shadowlands, and today I’m free and I’ve begun the healing process. All the energy consumed keeping secrets locked away is now available to help myself heal.

For me, mending my wounds is nothing more than coming to terms with my past and understanding how my experiences helped to shape the person I am today.

Childhood’s forge of experience shaped my life one event at a time. Each of my abusers took their turn as the blacksmith. They assaulted my body and mind with their will, each strike molded and twisted me into new ways and directions. I resisted, to the best of my ability. I refused to break, and I would not yield. Nevertheless, I did bend and change. I would never be the same again.

Recovery will be a long and sometimes difficult journey. But, I would rather walk this path with friends in the sunshine than to travel alone in the darkness.

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Male Survivor

What it’s Like to be a Male Survivor of Sexual Assault? This article was written by Emanuella Grinberg and Julie In for CNN

If Adam slept through the night, he knew, it would be good day. But that didn’t happen often, even after a relative stopped raping him.

Now 34, Adam says the abuse began when he was 14 and stopped as soon as he turned 18. His relative warned him that if he told their family, it would kill Adam’s grandfather. So he kept it to himself and dreamed of killing himself, killing his abuser, killing others.

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Male Sexual Abuse

Males are raped, abused, sodomised, assaulted and also brushed aside and forgotten. Males can become a survivor and speak out. 

We need to change this perspective and raise awareness for male victims and survivors. You are a survivor. Please read this article by Cg Akhila.

A few years back one of my old friends shared shocking details about his ordeal as a teenager. He narrated his story of being molested as at the age of fourteen. While returning alone from school one day in Chennai, he became a victim of sexual assault which later pushed him into a world of loneliness and depression. On asking he replied that he was alone that day because his parents could hardly imagine that their son can get sexually harassed too. From the next day on, he preferred taking a bus rather than that regular auto. He changed his route but could never cope with the fear and embarrassment until he became vocal about his past.

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Male Survivors

Male Survivors are not alone. Studies show that sexual abuse against males is on the rise, but there are plenty of resources available.

On Wednesday evening immediately after my husband, our dog, and I entered a restaurant’s patio, a stranger asked if he could get advice from us about relationships, as he was having problems with his girlfriend. Over the next ten to fifteen minutes, we learned a bit of their history, including that together they had a child who was almost two, and that the man had ended up in the hospital on more than one occasion with broken ribs and other bones as the result of domestic violence.

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