Male Survivors

Male Survivors

Information courtesy of SURVIVORS (Sheffield) 1996


Male survivor groups deal with many requests for help. They are not always able to respond to these requests immediately. Survivors Sheffield, for example, currently operate a waiting list for our services. We often have the experience of men contacting the telephone helpline asking for help which cannot be given for weeks or even months.

This pack has been produced to be shared with men to provide some practical support while they await face to face help.

Many of the men contacting survivor groups are in the middle of a crisis. Most have also suffered sexual abuse as boys which has affected them into manhood. This self-help pack will address some of those needs. It is not intended to minimise the needs of men who suffered sexual abuse as adults or who were abused in childhood but who are not currently in crisis.

The aims of this pack are :

  • To show men who have experienced sexual abuse in childhood that they are not alone. The advice, suggestions and information given comes mostly from other survivors also abused as boys.
  • To provide some practical information, advice and options which will help men through the crisis.

In working through the pack it may be worth bearing in mind the following :

  • We are not saying that all you need to cope with crisis is this pack! If we could we would prefer to offer you immediate face to face support. We encourage you to get this support and to reach out to people you trust. We include a lengthy and vital section on ‘Getting Support in a Crisis’.
  • This pack rarely gives direct advice. We strongly believe that you should be in charge of your recovery and this holds, even in a crisis. We usually ask you to consider a number of options and offer several suggestions.

Not every section may seem relevant to you. This doesn’t matter, nor does it mean that in some way you don’t qualify. Concentrate on whatever sections seem most important to you. The pack is designed so that you can go through the contents and ‘dip’ into the parts you find most useful.

Most of the information, advice and suggestions, come from survivors themselves. First Step wants to learn and improve its service constantly. We believe too much importance is placed on academic research and not enough on survivors’ own experiences of recovery. So, we would very much welcome any comments, observations, or criticisms you may have regarding this pack. We want to know what helps and what doesn’t. In this way Survivors Sheffield builds a body of wisdom which can be passed from survivor to survivor.

This pack is a result of that wisdom and we hope it helps.