Our Vision, Mission and Values

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First Step Vision

A society where survivors of sexual abuse feel safe to share their experiences and are supported to move their lives forward.

First Step Mission

To empower men to move forward from the negative impact sexual abuse has had on their lives. 

First Step Values

Our values underpin all we do and how we behave as an organisation and as individuals. The staff team, volunteer team and the board seek to model these values and behaviours to those we work with, those we seek to influence, and wider society.

First Step value ….  So ….

Compassion …. we stand alongside our clients, listening patiently and carefully to their stories and needs.

Empowerment …. we inspire our clients that life can improve and provide opportunities  for them to take control of their lives and move forward.

Being non-judgemental … we never judge a person or their actions but support the individual.

Honesty … we re open and honest in all our dealings and maintain the highest integrity at all times.

Professionalism … we strive to provide quality services in a safe and secure environment.  We always do what we say we will.

Teamwork … we listen to each other, recognising each other’s strengths and weaknesses, supporting and developing colleagues.

Equality & Diversity … we embrace differences in our workforce and clients knowing that this will enhance our services.