Our Service To You

The Pathway to Survival begins with a

Journey to
Acceptance for the
Survivor to start to feel
Mended enough to be
Inspired to say
No more and become
Enlightened which will lead to

Hope and
Optimism through to
Understanding that there is
Support available and finally to

Planned breaks

You can expect your counsellor to inform you of any planned breaks s/he is due to have or of bank holiday closures etc.  We aim to give you at least two week’s notice.  Equally, if you have a planned break then let your counsellor know.


Like other organisations that provide services, First Step keep records of contact made with all people that we help so that we can provide you with a good service. First Step will hold all contact details regarding client data within a secure database in line with the Data Protection Act (1998) and this will not be available to anyone other than the co-ordinator.

In exceptional circumstances, where the counsellor is concerned for your own or someone else’s well-being, they may find it necessary to seek help outside the counselling relationship. These exceptional circumstances include sharing information for legal reasons or where there is a concern for someone’s safety. The counsellor would always seek to gain your agreement to this.

Complaints, compliments and comments

Any of the above can be made by writing them down, or arranging to talk with the project co-ordinator of ‘first step’.  A copy of our complaint procedure is available on request to you at any time.