8740Charges are pending against an assistant principal of a River Grove high school for allegedly sexually abusing a male student.

The president of the school says the victim is a student.

Yesterday, the Guerin College Prep sent home to parents a letter explaining the situation.  The letter identifies the assistant principal by name. But because charges are pending on the 34-year-old, we can not name the suspect.

Guerin College Prep says the assistant principal has been on leave since the allegations first surfaced Sept. 10.

The alleged incident occurred outside of school in the 2600 block of North Sayre Avenue in Chicago

Police say the victim is a 17-year-old male. Steve Baldwin, president of Guerin, released a statement saying:

“We are cooperating with authorities, including (the Department of Children and Family Services) and the Chicago Police Department and will continue to take actions that are in the best interest of our school community.”

The Archdiocese of Chicago also put out a statement saying:

“(They are) aware of the situation and confirm that the situation was properly reported to DCFS. We are monitoring the situation and will continue to cooperate with civil authorities.”

The president of Guerin says the assistant principal was not on school business when the alleged incident occurred and it appears this was an isolated incident.


We are shocked and share the devastation that our service users will feel with the outcome of today’s decision. Our priority now remains as it has always been, to provide support to those who have suffered the trauma of sexual abuse act which have often taken place during their formative periods of their lives.

For many accessing our services found that the system failed them in the past and the criminal justice system is failing them again. Not many will be able to comprehend how each individual will feel after the publication of the Director of Public Prosecution s decision today.

What we can be confident of is that support services such as ourselves and Leicestershire Police will be working tirelessly together to provide survivors with any support they may need in coming to terms with the decision taken. The impact of this decision will be far-reaching for the victims, their families and the Police officers from Leicestershire who have stood solidly together to get to this point.

At all points during this investigation there has been collaboration between the Police and agencies such as ourselves to ensure that support has been on hand at any point and this will continue to be the over-riding focus at this present time.